about smartparent

Smart Parent is a One-Stop resource management and analytical tool developed keeping parents problems in focus. With the growing complexities in parent’s life about decision making for their child, it is pertinent that decisions are taken logically and analytically rather than on mere hunch or hearsay. Also parents need crisp and sharp information to be able to make quick yet informed decision. We are the 1st company in India to delve into data science for children on a 360 degree level.

Every Time your child gives you a report card, you look at the latest scores. We help you identify the trend and compare the scores with other schools. All we need is your report card.

The power of extra-curricular activities is always under appreciated. For academics, there is a report card, but not for Sports / PE / Arts Classes! Ask your school why? We at Smart Parent believe in quantifying all our work will help you track your child’s Sports and Arts interest.

By year 2035 most of the existing jobs now will not exist. Our children need to train the jobs of the future. We help you identify their innate potentials and start them on a career path for the future. We let your child choose 3 careers of interest. We break it down to the top colleges, fees and how to get there.

We help you be on top your Child’s health requirements by tracking their growth and identifying areas of concern.

Knowing your child’s interests aren’t enough, we need to plan to invest in their education towards their career interests. We help you provide a plan and make you stick to it.

There is a whole new digital world evolving at much faster pace that the physical world. Navigating digital world is part of learning for any child. A Smart Parent needs to enable this with boundaries. We will help you establish boundaries using some of the industry best tools. Soft skills, public speaking & other aspects of Personality Development is also coming soon under the Smart Parent services.